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Even if you have converted your home to energy-saving all-electric heating and cooling appliances, you could be losing out on all of that efficiency if the insulation in your home has deteriorated to the point of being ineffective.

One benefit of partnering with Electrify My Home is we bring our extensive experience in the HVAC and home performance industry with us to every project, which means we can maximize the carbon emissions reducing, energy saving power of your electrification project. Here is what you need to know about the insulation in your home, and how it could be contributing to your high energy bills, indoor drafts, and home comfort issues.

Insulation: The Crossing Guard for Your Home Comfort

In short, the insulation throughout your home slows down the heat that wants to transfer between your living space and the outdoors. During the warm months, the heat from the sun will try and force its way into your home through your roof, attic, and exterior walls. When the temperatures drop in the winter, the reverse will happen and the heat generated by your furnace will want to escape through those same areas.

With the right insulation material, installed in the right amounts and in the right areas, your home will slow down or eliminate that heat transfer from happening. For many homeowners, insulation is a forgotten piece of the puzzle when it comes to overall home comfort, and insulation is often allowed to fall into disarray. But with proper insulation, you can experience many benefits including:

  • Stable indoor temperatures
  • Lower heating and cooling costs, year round
  • Fewer indoor drafts
  • Reduced wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment

Protecting Your All-Electric Investment

If you are looking to get the most out of your electrification project, it is of the utmost importance to make sure your home is operating at peak efficiency. By upgrading your insulation, and air sealing your home to fill in the small cracks and gaps allowing outside air to seep in, you will maximize the efficiency of your new all electric equipment.

This can lead to a larger reduction in your energy usage, without compromising any of your home comfort. And, as you look to the future of your home energy with solar panel installation, remember that the less energy your home requires, the fewer solar panels your home will need!

The team at Electrify My Home knows there is never a one size fits all solution when it comes to home performance, or electrification. We will pair you with the right insulation material for your unique needs, so that you can rest easy knowing you are taking the right steps to decarbonize your home, at your own pace.

Is your outdated insulation posing a threat to your home comfort and the efficiency of your future home comfort upgrades?

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