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What is it that makes the experts at Electrify My Home uniquely qualified to help you make the switch from natural gas to energy efficient heat pumps and other electrical appliances? Most homeowners looking to electrify their homes either get help from a contractor that understands the HVAC industry, or a firm that specializes in the whole-home electrification process. With Electrify My Home, you get both—and more!

No Two Homes Are Exactly Alike

There is no one size fits all kit when it comes to converting your home to all electric appliances, and there is no single path towards electrification. And though, for the majority of homes, the process will start with installing heat pumps, every home (and every homeowner) will have their own unique needs and requirements when it comes to keeping their homes healthy, comfortable, and free of appliances that require fossil fuels.

Get An Estimate Right Over the Phone

We have developed a process of creating a customized path to electrification, where you, the homeowner, can take your electrification process one step at a time. It begins with our “no-visit” energy audit, where we gather essential information about your home’s energy usage and future electrification considerations. Then, we can begin to outline a customized plan that includes the most immediate needs, as well as the future of your home improvements and ensuring every puzzle will fit into place.

Experts in Heating & Cooling

With over 100 years of combined experience in the HVAC industry, the Electrify My Home team will use the proper load calculations to determine the exact heating and cooling load of your entire home. From there, we can determine if your home will also benefit from home performance upgrades that will increase the efficiency of your new equipment like air sealing and insulation, and pair you with the right equipment, professionally installed.

Electrification Experts

No matter where you decide to begin your electrification process, be it with your heating and cooling system, replacing your water heater, or in the kitchen, we can pair you with the most efficient equipment available to meet your needs, and your budget, including:

Electric Homes, Electric Cars, Electric Roofs

Another unique aspect of our process is the ability to account for the future installation of a solar PV (photovoltaic) system, so that all of your efficient appliances can be powered using the clean, renewable, free electricity that the California sunshine provides! We can even account for the charging of your electric vehicle, so that you can be sure your home is operating using as much carbon-emission free electricity as possible. 

We’re The Experts in Electrification

There are many small touches that go into the Electrify My Home experience: our customer service, our simple, clear, convenient process, and the fact that you get to start your electrification with a single phone call. But what makes Electrify My Home unique is that no other contractor in the area brings the expertise and knowledge of our founder and CEO, Larry Waters. Larry himself has worked on hundreds of  energy efficient, all electric HVAC projects, and is the only contractor that sits on the board of the Building Decarbonization Coalition, which is aimed at accelerating the development of zero-emission homes and buildings throughout California.

If you have questions about how to say goodbye to fossil fuels, and make your home compliant with the energy codes of the near future (before they arrive), Electrify My Home is here to answer your call!

Looking to electrify your home, before California energy codes force you to? Call Electrify My Home today at 844-637-3733 or get in touch here.

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