Looking to Electrify Your Home?

We’re here to help you take it at your own pace. 

Looking to Electrify Your Home?

We’re here to help you take it at your own pace. 

Create your own path toward electrification.

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The Benefits of an All Electric Home

An all-electric home is more than just a part of California’s fossil-fuel-free future – it is also an upgrade in the overall comfort of your home! When the right efficient and all-electric appliances are installed correctly in your home, you’ll notice many lasting benefits to you and your family, while securing an environmentally friendly future of home comfort.

  • Improved home comfort
  • Protection from rising gas prices
  • Clean, safe energy free of carbon emissions
  • A healthier indoor environment
Heat Pump outdoors

Heating System Replacement

Efficient, clean heat pumps offer better control, comfort and energy savings

Homeowner in modern, comfortable home

Shockingly Comfortable

A well-insulated home is more comfortable and requires less energy

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OUR home electrification plan

A comprehensive roadmap to upgrading your home, on YOUR schedule

Electrify My HomeExcellentElectrify My Home5.0 Based on 43 reviews fromSee all reviews review us ons wilsons wilson ★★★★★ Every day this crew pleasantly surprised us with their professionalism, attention to detail and kindness.You could ask for more conscientious crew or a better team leader.They were patient and communicative while being efficient and conscientious of our home.You will tank yourself for choosing Elwctify My Home for your HVAC needs!Tom BickleyTom Bickley ★★★★★ Excellent service and great communication! We recommend Electrify My Home very very highly! Everyone in the company has been great to work with.Barry BussewitzBarry Bussewitz ★★★★★ Electrify My Home has just finished installation of a Heat Pump and a Hot Water Heat Pump in our lovely Petaluma Victorian. The installation crew was easy and fun to work with: Dominic, Julian, Pedro, Manny and Daniel were all cordial, courteous and dedicated. They kept us informed of the progress step-by-step and earned our confidence. We are happy to recommend their good work! The work is all clean and squared, with due respect for our fine old home.mkit02mkit02 ★★★★★ Our experience with Electrify My Home has been great. Our vintage home with mutliple remodels over the past 100 years is a challenge. The lead planning and administrative staff at EMH patiently walked us through the elements of heat pump HVAC over the past year as we identified and dithered over our goals and options. Chief Larry Waters on site sorted through the tangle of existing ducts with thoughtful solutions of those to remain, along with most being replaced. Administrative staff, Alex Sloan, J. Nicolis and Daniel have thoughtfully responded quickly to questions and requests. Last month the installation crew, Eric, Manny, Justin, Dom and Pedro were similarly professional, efficient and good humored as they worked in the remote corners of our house.The net result is a responsive system, which we tested this last week with the pleasure of having our first AC experience in an October hot spell! We are still learning how to set the system to our needs, but it has demonstrated that it responds well as we learn how to use it.Thanks to all at EMH, this has been an effective change from our energy hog gas furnaces, with the added benefit of adding AC to our lives… good for the Earth and great for us.Beth PiatnitzaBeth Piatnitza ★★★★★ Just got our heat pump installed by the EMH team. Justin, Jeremy, and Julian did a great job and got it done sooner than expected. We are prepped for future heat pump water heater. I really appreciated the walk through at the end and the tips on use of the system. With bad air in the Bay Area from wildfires I’m so glad to have the excellent air filter. This is a big investment but such an improvement to our home and we’re making progress getting off gas!Susan LubeckSusan Lubeck ★★★★★ Great experience in general including today, with a service call from Daniel - prompt, communicative, and solved the problem!Douglas RuffDouglas Ruff ★★★★★ Absolute top of the line experience with these guys. Truly one of the best experiences I've ever had with any business.EMH designed a plan for us, installed 2 heat pumps, replaced a large portion of our duct work, added insulation, and replaced a whole house fan. It was a very large project that they delivered 100% on. After using it for a whole summer, our new systems have cost a fraction of what it cost to run our older system and, more importantly, we have been more comfortable in the house than we could have imagined.We knew we wanted to move to a heat pump and after getting lots of quotes and reading as much as possible, it was really obvious that Larry and his team were the best choice for what we wanted. That said, it was still a relief to see how well they delivered on installation. The whole process was organized, efficient, and professional. The install team was a pleasure to have around and the care and respect for their work that they all demonstrated was evident throughout.After the install was completed we had a 3rd party walk through inspection that raised one small question. I called EMH at 8:30 the next morning and the install manager and a tech were at my home by 10 with the (tiny) issue addressed by noon. These guys stand by their work. I plan to continue to call them for yearly maintenance and any future service needs.B VzB Vz ★★★★★ Absolutely fantastic experience.I interviewed several companies to install a brand new, whole-house heating and cooling system. From the get-go electrify my home was by far the most impressive. They had a a very comprehensive and coherent presentation that laid out all of the options they provided and why they felt that they were ideally suited to provide these services. On top of that, they turned out to also have the lowest bid of the three companies I was working with (I would have gone with them even if they hadn’t been the cheapest - it was just a nice benefit).They were communicative and on time. On top of that, everyone I dealt with (sales, installers, billing) were just genuinely nice and delightful people on top of being respectful and professional. The work was clean and, as far as I can tell, well executed.The heating system works like a charm and I am super happy with the entire experience. I highly recommend them for any heating/cooling needs you might have.Arlene BaxterArlene Baxter ★★★★★ Larry Waters really is the guy when it comes to heat pumps! He has been very generous in sharing his knowledge, and that knowledge is both deep and passionate. I reached out to Larry on a weekend, not expecting him to reply until Monday. Instead, he took a look at a photograph I sent him of a heat pump water heater that appeared to be leaking, and from the photograph he was able to diagnose the problem, and save a great deal of heartache for my client. I appreciate Larry’s leadership within the sustainable and electrification community, helping to educate consumers about the advantages of whole house electrification. I just visited friends, to whom I had mentioned Larry’s services several years ago, and was delighted to hear that they had indeed hired him, and are very very happy with their heat pumps. Thank you, Larry, and Electrify my Home for fighting the good fight! If you are looking to electrify in your own home, look no further than his services!Nick DespotaNick Despota ★★★★★ It’s been about 6 weeks since we’ve had our heat pump installed. The comfort and quality of the system exceeded our expectations. Room-to-room temperature variations, which were significant with our old gas furnace, are gone. Chalk that up to a properly sized unit and smart alterations of existing ductwork. The two units, inside and out, are very quiet. The Fujitsu thermostat enables us to set up a weekly schedule with two different temp set points: day and evening time, and sleep time.I’m allergic to pollen and my histamines go nuts in May/June but I’ve had no allergic reaction while indoors. That’s because the filtration system is much better — less leaky, smaller particle trapping — than our old system could deliver.We had three bids. EMH’s proposal came out in the middle. But I’m convinced the quality was tops.Chuck RobbinsChuck Robbins ★★★★★ EMH replaced our AC with a heat pump. Thoroughly explained their process in advance and completed the work in the time promised with little to no inconvenience. We subsequently noticed a minor gas leak. EMH responded immediately and corrected the problem, even though it was late afternoon when we called, staying beyond normal working hours to do so. Highly recommend them.John CallawayJohn Callaway ★★★★★ Electrify My Home does great work for a reasonable price. We had them install a heat pump, hot water heat pump and insulation. They were super knowledgeable and informative about options, as well as rebates. They also provided all we needed for the final inspection from the city of Berkeley. Both the heat pump and hot water heat pump work great and are much cheaper to run. The heat pump is also much quieter than our previous gas furnace. And the extra insulation that was added has been a major improvement -- even without the heat pump our upstairs rooms are much more stable in terms of temperature -- both summer and winter. Highly recommend Larry, Alex and the rest of the Electrify My Home team.Rob JuddRob Judd ★★★★★ Thanks Larry and Team for helping to electrify our home. You have been great to work with and very professional. The work to design and install our HVAC heat pump system, hot water heat pump and upgrade our attic insulation was done in a knowledgeable, skillful and competent manner. Understanding that accidents do happen, you stood behind your work and went beyond what was required to ensure that we were satisfied, such as repairing our wood floor after a tool was dropped, repairing and painting our ceiling due to a mishap, and returning to fix the hot water heat pump so we could pass the city inspection. Glad to hear that you are working with many of our like minded friends and neighbors that we have and continue to refer to you. Keep up the great work. The eyes of future generations are upon us!Matthew StrattonMatthew Stratton ★★★★★ I can't overstate how great Larry and Electrify My Home are to work with. After talking with multiple local HVAC places about replacing our indoor-and-outdoor-air-polluting gas water heater and HVAC with a heat pump and heat pump water heater, I learned that many highly rated HVAC businesses don't actually know enough about new heat-pump technology to give good advice. Three different companies discouraged me from moving to heat pump and heat-pump water heater!That's when I got lucky, met an expert at an electrification non-profit, and was directed to Electrify My Home. From start to finish we were thrilled with the real expertise, service, friendliness, and professionalism of Larry and his crew. It's now been a year and thanks to a combination of our technologies (which we could afford thanks to all the complicated subsidy paperwork Larry et al. handled) and solar panels we not only don't pay for heating, cooling, and hot water, but our house is more comfortable than it was and PG&E has to send us money every year instead of the other way around. Thank you!p.s. If you're wondering whether indoor-air-pollution is a real thing and maybe is giving your kids asthma, it's really really worth looking into electrification even if you're not into the whole "save the planet" thingMichael ArmbrustMichael Armbrust ★★★★★ Larry and team replaced all my gas heating appliances with heat pumps (both HVAC and water). I'm super happy with the results. Not is my house much more comfortable, but my bills went down during a time of sky-rocketing energy costs. Even after the install, they came back several times to tune things, and make sure all the ducts were working optimally.R TilleryR Tillery ★★★★★ Laura StevensLaura Stevens ★★★★★ Outstanding service; excellent workmanship per independent technician who inspected the installation. Really nice people. And the heat (and cooling when that was needed) is a delightful quality! Gentle and effective.Scott SchaferScott Schafer ★★★★★ Marc LevinMarc Levin ★★★★★ There was an interesting article in today's Washington Post regarding how important Heat Pump systems are world wide as a response to climate change and the incredibly hot weather, due to their efficiency and not relying on fossil fuel. This is something we had already realized so it was not a matter of should we go with such a system but rather who to install it. We chose Electrify My Home as they are one of the certified BayRen approved contractors. These folks were EXTREMELY thorough and professional. The crew manager was constantly explaining everything that was going on and treated our home as if it was his own. I can't say enough good things about this company. I will admit, these systems are not cheap, even with all the rebates. And even with the energy savings, I think it will take at least a decade to see a full return on investment. But there are other things to consider. It is extremely quiet, the temperature is constant, versus our old furnace where it was too hot, then too cold, there are no drafts, and it does a great job filtering the air. Highly recommend this solution and this contractor.Chet SchneiderChet Schneider ★★★★★ The entire team was professional (Larry and Aaron were awesome ). We now have a quieter unit, lower energy bill and years and years until we have to worry about a heater /a.c again. Highly recommend Electrify My Home.andrew fisherandrew fisher ★★★★★ A neighbor highly recommended Larry Waters (president of Electrify My Home) after he’d designed and installed their heat pump system. This recommendation and my strong desire for highly efficient heating and cooling helped me accept the rather hefty up-front investment in our system. For our two-story house, Larry designed a two-unit system that has blown me away with its effectiveness. We stay inside our solar production and have as warm—or cool!—of a house as we’d like, with no guilt or additional cost. It is simply fantastic. On top of that, Larry and his team have been very good to work with and have followed up on finish items as promised. Now another neighbor, who couldn’t wrap his mind around how quiet and effective heat pumps are, felt the cooling on a particularly hot day and is going to switch over from his aged and limited gas furnace to heat pumps, and when the time comes to do it, and no doubt it’ll be Electrify My Home that does it.Diane SheppDiane Shepp ★★★★★ I highly recommend Electrify My Home to anyone looking for a top-notch heating and cooling solution. After a headache of constant appliance failures in our new home (dishwasher, washer, and garbage disposal), we were at our wits end when our furnace also died within the first month. My husband had just come out of the hospital at the same time, so having working heat was paramount.Then came Alex and Larry to the rescue. Within minutes of describing the scenario, they came up with a gameplan to help us with our insurance company, provided an estimate over email, moved around their schedule to accommodate our job, and provided us with free electric space heaters for the days in between so we would stay warm. The crew was clean, efficient, extremely hard-working, and polite. Unlike most of the other contractors out there, they also insisted on having their projects tested by a third-party and getting permits—both of which passed with flying colors. Our zoned heat pump is working flawlessly; we’re so happy to get off of expensive propane heat and offset our AC use with our new solar system.Laurie LucasLaurie Lucas ★★★★★ Kathie VollmerKathie Vollmer ★★★★★ Larry Waters was definitely the answer to our problem. He installed a split system and we absolutely love it. So quiet and easy to use and I am definitely ready for when PGE starts shutting power off again. He is very knowledgeable and answered all our questions and pricing was very affordable. So happy with his installation of our system.Beatrice TapparoBeatrice Tapparo ★★★★★ Thank you Larry Waters for all you and your team did for us during the installation of our new heater and air conditioning. Your workers were kind and respectful. They always cleaned up any mess and were hard working even in the heat of the day - actually finishing a day early. We were so pleased with every aspect of the experience and for the first time in 50 years are enjoying the blessing of air conditioning. We highly recommend Larry Waters and Electrify My Home. They are the best!js_loader
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