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Are you looking for a contractor that specializes in home electrification, but you don’t live in the Electrify My Home service area? Electrify My Home’s Network of affiliated contractors throughout the state provide the same service and quality! We have vetted these contractors to ensure they meet strict standards and have received specific electrification training both in the field and in the classroom.  

Yes, You Do Need an Electrification Specialist!

As California shifts toward fewer fossil fuels and more clean electricity and converting your home to operate using only electricity takes logistical and financial considerations. This is where “good electrification” comes into play  — making your home as comfortable as possible while minimizing the amount of energy required. 

Good Electrification

Good electrification is installing the smallest and most efficient equipment in the right areas, after improving the overall efficiency of a home through insulation and air sealing upgrades. By looking at the whole house as an interconnected system, we can better understand how all of the efficiency factors in a home affect each other. 

We know from experience—contractors with this philosophy and methodology integrated into their installation process stand above the rest, especially here in California! You can trust that the any of the contractors found in the Electrify My Home Contractor Network adhere to good electrification techniques.

Heat Pumps and Electrification

It is not always feasible or advantageous to go all-electric, all at once. But as the state and country begin to decarbonize by transitioning from natural gas, installing a heat pump for heating and cooling is a perfect first step. Who you trust your heat pump installation to matters – you wouldn’t take your electric vehicle to a diesel mechanic, would you?

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If you are looking to grow your heat pump installation, insulation, or electrification business, join the Electrify My Home contractor network! Our affiliates provide expert-level quality installations that follow our proven principles of “Good Electrification” and “Install Small.”

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