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Whether you grew up in the shadow of the Napa Valley Wine Train or you’re a recent transplant to California’s wine country, there is one thing all Napa residents know well when it comes to living in this corner of the Bay Area: how to have a good time!  From mixing it up with the tourists at wine tastings to enjoying scenic strolls with the family while taking in historic art like the Napa Mill Mosaic Fountain, there is plenty to keep us busy here in Napa. But what about when you get back home?

Keeping a comfortable, sustainable, and affordable home here in Napa requires multiple systems, from your heating and AC to your water heater and your stovetop. In the past, these systems might have used different energy sources, like gas, propane, electricity, or even oil. But as California moves toward an all-electric future, homeowners in Napa are going to need an expert they can rely on when it comes to all-electric appliances like heat pumps and mini splits, induction cooktops, and heat pump water heaters.

All-Electric Home Comfort

If you have lived in Napa for even one summer, you are likely already familiar with the value of electric-powered air conditioning to keep your home cool through the high temps.  Air conditioners are a must here in California—but how can you heat a home without using fossil fuels, and how can you keep both your heating and cooling bills under control? Enter heat pumps. 

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling in one system and use only electricity to do so. This is accomplished through an efficient process of moving heat, instead of creating it. Heat pumps come in many shapes and sizes, and installation can be customized to fit the exact needs of your home, which is why trusting a heat pump or electrification expert is so critical! Think of it this way: you wouldn’t take your electric vehicle to a diesel mechanic, would you?

Escape Fire Smoke (In Your Own Home)

Wildfires are a new reality in California. The air quality during fire events becomes dangerous both inside and outside of homes. Some resort to wearing N95 masks indoors in severe cases! Electrify My Home prioritizes indoor air quality on every job. The average American spends over 90% of their time indoors and recent research shows that indoor air quality can often be even worse than outdoor air quality. 

Removing gas appliances from your home is the first step in improving indoor air quality. Doing so removes carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, and other dangerous compounds that come from combustion. The next step comes from a high quality four inch MERV 13 media filter, which comes standard on every installation. When paired with a right-sized heat pump that runs slow, steady, and consistently, your home’s air quality will benefit.

The Benefits of Good Electrification 

Eventually, the homes of California will do away with fossil fuels entirely, leading to a 94% reduction in gas consumption by 2045. However, simply swapping out your old natural gas furnace for a heat pump leaves many benefits on the table for the future of your home comfort, energy costs, and even the value of your home. With efficient electrification from Electrify My Home, we will install the smallest systems possible without sacrificing an ounce of your home comfort. The benefits of good electrification include:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Stable indoor temperatures through all seasons
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • In some cases, increased home value
  • A safer home (no more combustion appliances)
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Electrify at Your Own Pace

Electrify My Home is the only business of its kind, specializing in the process designing and installing whole-house electrification solutions. However, you don’t need to make the switch all at once—you can electrify at your own pace! Electrify My Home will develop a plan that incorporates all of your comfort and energy goals into an all-electric blueprint, and you can take it one piece at a time. 

Is your heating system on its last leg? We can start with heat pump installation. Is it time to replace that old gas-powered clothes dryer? We have a heat pump clothes dryer ready for you! We can also make efficiency improvements to your home like insulation upgrades, or even help you generate your own energy by going solar!

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